Dr. Md saifur Rahman


  •  Room No:  Room No.: 229, 1st floor, Administrative Building (East block), RUET, Rajshahi-6204, Bangladesh.
  •  Phone:   880-1792557686 , 880-1303048302
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B. Sc(Hons) & M. Sc (RU); M. Phil. (RUET); PhD (CityU, HK)

Field of Research
  •  Nonlinear Oscillations

  •  First Joined: 04th Sep, 2006
  •      Dept. of Mathematics



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 Ismot Ara Yeasmin, Nazmul Sharif, M. Saifur Rahman, M.S. Alam Analytical technique for solving the quadratic nonlinear oscillator Results in Physics (2020), doi: 2020 Journal
2 M W Ullah, M S Rahman and M A Uddin A modified harmonic balance method for solving forced vibration problems with strong nonlinearity Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control, Vol. 0(0) 1–9. DOI: 10.1177/1461348420923433 2020 Journal
3 M. Abul Kalam Azad, M. Saifur Rahman, M. Helal Uddin Molla A new technique for obtaining approximate solution of higher order nonlinear differential equation Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics 2019 Journal
4 M. Saifur Rahman, Ahmed Hossain Modified harmonic balance method for solving nonlinear free vibration problem of beam resting on nonlinear elastic foundation Journal of Vibration Testing and System Dynamics, Vol. 3(2): pp-131-143. 2019 Journal
5 M. Saifur Rahman, A.S.M.Z. Hasan and Ismot Ara Yeasmin Modified multi-level residue harmonic balance method for solving nonlinear vibration problem of beam resting on nonlinear elastic foundation. Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics. Vol. 5(4): pp-627-638. 2018 Journal
6 M. Saifur Rahman, A.S.M.Z. Hasan Modified Harmonic Balance Method for the Solution of Nonlinear Jerk Equations Journal of Results in Physics; Vol. 8: pp. 893-897 2018 Journal
7 M. Saifur Rahman and Yiu-Yin. Lee New modified multi-level residue harmonic balance method for solving nonlinearly vibrating double-beam problem Journal of Sound and Vibration; Vol. 406: pp. 295-327. 2017 Journal
8 A.S.M.Z. Hasan, M. Saifur Rahman, Y.Y. Lee and A. Y. T. Leung Multi-level residue harmonic balance solution for the nonlinear natural frequency of axially loaded beams with an internal hinge Journal of Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures; DOI:10.1080/15376494.2016.1227492 2016 Journal
9 M. Saifur Rahman, A.S.M.Z. Hasan and Y.Y. Lee Free Vibration Analysis of Third and Fifth Order Nonlinear Axially Loaded Beams Using the Multi-level Residue Harmonic Balance Method Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies; Vol. 4(1): pp. 69-78 2016 Journal
10 M Kamrul Hasan, M Ashraful Huq, M Saifur Rahman, M M Rahman and M S Alam A new implicit method for numerical solution of singular initial value problems. International Journal of Conceptions on Computing and Information Technology; Vol. 2 (1): pp. 87-91. 2014 Journal
11 Md. Abdur Razzak, M. Saifur Rahman, K. C. Roy, B. M. Ikramul Haque, M. S. Alam An analytical technique to find approximate solutions of nonlinear non-oscillatory systems Bulletin Calcutta Mathematical Society; Vol. 105(3): pp. 155-176 2013 Journal
12 A. K. Azad, M. Alal Hosen, M. Saifur Rahman and M. S. Alam A perturbation technique to compute initial amplitude and phase for the Krylov-Bogoliubov-Mitropolskii method Tamkang Journal of Mathematics; Vol. 43(4): pp. 563-575 2012 Journal
13 M. Saifur Rahman, M. Majedur Rahman, M. Sajedur Rahaman and M. Shamsul Alam Harmonic balance solution of coupled nonlinear non-conservative differential equation GANIT J. Bangladesh Math. Soc.; Vol. 32: pp. 1- 14 2012 Journal
14 Md. Alal Hosen, M. Saifur Rahman, M. Shamsul Alam, M. Ruhul Amin An analytical technique for solving a class of strongly nonlinear conservative systems Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation; Vol. 218: pp. 5474-5486 2012 Journal
15 M. Shamsul Alam, Kamalesh Chendra Roy, M. Saifur Rahman and Md. Mossaraf Hossain An analytic technique to find approximate solution of non-linear damped oscillatory system Journal of the Franklin institute; Vol. 348: pp. 899-916 2011 Journal
16 M. E. Haque, M. Saifur Rahman, S.S. Shanta, Mohamad Ahmad Izani and Mohamad Faisal Abd Karim Harmonic balance solution of quadratic nonlinear oscillator Far East Journal of Applied Mathematics; Vol. 51(2): pp. 105-114 2011 Journal
17 M. Abul Kalam Azad, M. Shamsul Alam, M. Saifur Rahman, Bimolendu Shekhar Sarkar A general multiple-time-scale method for solving an n-th order weakly nonlinear differential equation with damping Communications of the Korean Mathematical Society; Vol. 26(4): pp. 695-708 2011 Journal
18 M. Saifur Rahman, M. Alal Hosen, M. Shamsul Alam Harmonic Balance Solution of Mulholland Equation International Multi-Conference of engineers and Computer Scientists 2011, March 16-18, Hong Kong 2011 Conference
19 M. Saifur Rahman, M.E. Haque and S.S. Shanta Harmonic Balance Solution of Nonlinear Differential Equation (Non-Conservative) Journal of Advances in Vibration Engineering; Vol. 9(4): pp. 345-356 2010 Journal
  •  • Out Standing Academic Performance Award 2017, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
  •  • Merit Student Award for the 2011 IAENG International Conference on Computer Science, Hong Kong.
  •  2014-2017; UGC Scholarship, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  •  Life Time Member of Bangladesh Mathematical Society
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1704206001Ismot Ara YeasminNonlinear OscillationsDept. of Mathematics, RUET
****M Wali UllahNonlinear OscillationsDept. of Mathematics, KUET
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