Showaib Ahmed Chowdhury

শোয়াইব আহমেদ চৌধুরী


  •  Room No:  Teachers' Room, BECM
  •  Phone:   880-1828775111 , 880-1521485153
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Showaib Ahmed Chowdhury graduated from Department of Civil Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), Bangladesh in December 2018. After graduation, he joined as a Lecturer in the Department of Building Engineering & Construction Management, RUET. Coming originally from Civil Engineering discipline, Showaib Ahmed Chowdhury is now specializing himself in the fields of Sustainable and Green Construction Materials, Construction Project Management, and Wastewater Recycling.
Field of Research
  •  Wastewater Recycling for Sustainable Use
  •  Construction Safety Management
  •  Geotechnical Engineering : Numerical Modelling and Simulation, Finite, Finite Element Analysis, Stability of Earth Dams
  •  Transportation Engineering: Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering, Bituminous Mix Design

  •  First Joined: 05th Nov, 2019
  •      Dept. of Building Engineering & Construction Management



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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1 Mehedi Hasan*, Shayla Sharmin, Showaib Ahmed Chowdhury, Ashadul Islam, Aojoy Kumar Shuvo A Study of Safety Culture Practice in Running Construction Project of Bangladesh Journal of Civil and Construction Engineering; e-ISSN: 2457-001X; Volume-7, Issue-1 (January-April, 2021) 2021 Journal
2 Anupam Chowdhury, Showaib Ahmed Chowdhury* Assessment of Drinking Water Quality: A Case Study in Rajshahi District, Bangladesh Journal of Water Resources and Pollution Studies; e-ISSN: 2581-5326; Volume-6, Issue-1 (January-April, 2021) 2021 Journal
3 Anupam Chowdhury, Showaib Ahmed Chowdhury Design and Performance Testing of a Multimedia Filtration System for Municipal Wastewater Treatment in Rajshahi City Journal of Environmental Engineering and Studies; e-ISSN: 2582-3132; Volume-6, Issue-1 (January-April, 2021) 2021 Journal
4 S. A. Chowdhury*, A. I. Sumon, B. Ahmed and M. A. Sobhan Performance Evaluation of Waste Tiles in Flexible Pavement Construction In proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development (ICCESD 2020), 7-9 February 2020, KUET, Khulna, Bangladesh 2020 Conference
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